Jewish Life in Bonyhád until Spring 1944

Brief visitor guide to Bonyhád

For members of the International Bonyhád Jewish Community
Brief guide to Bonyhád's main Jewish and related sites.

Section about the Orthodox cemetery updated July 20, 2022

Bonyhád, its aerial views and maps

Aerial views of Bonyhád via a drone

Interactive map of places where Jews lived in Bonyhád

Map Usage Guide, Help File

Jewish Life in Bonyhád 3D Visualization

Map of the Bonyhád Ghetto (Spring 1944)

Aerial views of the two Jewish Cemeteries in lieu of maps

Numbered graves in the Orthodox Cemetery

Bonyhád street etc. name translation from old names

Holocaust and the Bonyhád Jewish Community

Bonyhád Holocaust Memorial Plaque (2014)

Bonyhád Megilat Hashmada (Scroll of Destruction) - Martyr List

New Holocaust memorial in Bonyhád (2014) by the old synagogue

New Holocaust memorial in Bonyhád (2014) with Martyr List

Video of photos showing the 2014 Forgotten Faces exhibit in the old ("Neologue") synagogue.
The exhibit is still in the synagogue building

Holocaust Memorial in Bonyhád (April 2022) and Stumbling Blocks

Holocaust Memorial in Bonyhád - June 28, 2022

Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem (July 18, 2022)

Post-WWII Books about Bonyhád's Jewish Community

Downloadable book - Mr. János (Zvi) Eisner: A bonyhádi zsidók története (Tel Aviv 1965 in Hungarian)
History of the Jews of Bonyhád and a brief Addenda

Leslie Blau Bonyhád: a Destroyed Community (New York, 1994) Click to view on Google Books

Blau László: Bonyhád – Egy elpusztított zsidó közösség (Bonyhád, 2008 in Hungarian)
Click to view in Google Books

Hanna Galandauer: The Apple Tree (Jerusalem, 2017 in Hebrew)

Lily Ebert - Lily's Promise: Holding On to Hope Through Auschwitz and Beyond - A Story for All Generations (May 2022)
Available on Amazon

וידבר משה השלם
דרושים ופנינים נפלאים על פרשיות התורה : מוסר, אגדה והלכה / מאת רבי משה הלוי פאלאק

Veyedaber Moshe

About Jewish life in Bonyhád and teachings of a famous and highly regarded Rabbi of Bonyhád: Rabbi Moshe Halevy Pollák.
6 volume set in Hebrew edited by Rabbi Pollak's grandson Rabbi Eliezer Halevy Pollak
Published in Jerusalem (July 2022)
Available at the Israel National Library
May be purchased directly from Rabbi Eliezer Pollak Mobile: +972 052 717-2774

בונהאד חורבן קהילה יהודיה
Bonyhád: a Destroyed Community (in Hebrew Jerusalem, 2022)
Edited an published by Rabbi Chaim Reuven Klein.
Translated from Hungarian by Keren Bar-Shaked.
Click to view on

Other material about Bonyhád

Bonyhád Jewish Community - An important resource managed by Rabbi Reuven Chaim Klein

Bonyhád Holocaust Monument Facebok Group's page

Bonyhád as we remember it (video slide show). Martyr List at end is incomplete

Bonyhád Orthodox Synagogue until Spring 1944 - Exterior (recent photo)

Bonyhád Orthodox Synagogue until Spring 1944 - Interior

Holocaust in Hungary - by Eszter Garai Edler (Budapest)

Holocaust deportation map

Holocaust deportatation table

Extraordinary actions and deportations

Forced Labor Camps (munkaszolgálat)

Auschwitz Transports from Hungary (brief article)

Few Who Saved Many

Few Who Saved Many

Switzerland Awakens: George Mantello (Mandel) the Man Who Stopped the Trains to Auschwitz and Switzerland's Finest Hour

Help From The New World

Diplomat Protectors and Rescuers

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