Guide to using Zoom for the Root and Branch Summer 2020 Zoom Lecture Series

Preparation prior to first Zoom meeting:

  1. Adminstration, session scheduling and joining a Zoom session via

  2. Presenters and participants need to install Zoom software on their computer or smart phone prior to a Zoom event - see

  3. If you have trouble installing see the following for system requirements:

  4. For those using a computer vs. smartphone:

    1. presenters need a camera/microphone (built-in or Webcam)

    2. participants who wish to be seen need a camera

    3. participants who plan to ask questions need at least a microphone

    4. otherwise no camera and microphone is necessary

Scheduling and joining a Zoom meeting:

  1. Administrator (“host”) schedules a Zoom session via web page:
    The following are obtained:

    1. clickable Registration link appears on the: Root and Branch Summer 2020 Zoom Lecture Series Web page
      It may also be sent to participants by the administrator via email.
      After registering an email is received with the following:

      1. clickable link to join a meeting

      2. Meeting ID

      3. Meeting password - if set by the administrator

  2. Participants to register well before an event and later click on the obtained link to join a meeting before it is scheduled start.
    This may provide time to figure things out and possibly get help.
    If someone has no prior experience with entering a Zoom session it iadvisable to try to join an event 20 minutes prior to schedulred time.
    Participants initially enter a Waiting Room and are admitted by the administrator when the event starts.

  3. If someone does not wish to be seen they can start the session with video disabled. Zoom has a background image option meant to be combined by Zoom with video.
    Possibly a photo can be selected even if video is disabled.

  4. Participants can disable (MUTE) their audio. The administrator can also disable selected or all participants' audio

  5. Presenters and those who plan to speak in audience and use a smart phone during Zoom session should

    1. make sure the video is in landscape (panorama) vs. portrait mode (controlled by phone orientation)

    2. assure the phone is steadied by a small and inexpensive tripod and holder (“harness”) to securely hold the phone and screw onto a tripod. These can be puchased on eBay, Amazon and probably consumer electronics and photo shops. There are other ways to steady a phone – e.g. leaning it against something

  6. Zoom sessions are recorded and the video is later uploaded to YouTube
    Participants may also record if they wish.

July 1, 2020